Transparent smartphones coming in 2013: Polytron

New Transparent Smartphone of 2013 featured

For those who until now thought that transparent smartphones were only a fragment of the imagination of creative thinkers, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Polytron (from Taiwan) has successfully transformed this vision into a reality. Polytron functions on display technologies and it has devised a prototype which comes with a transparent body. The makers are likely to launch this smartphone which is made up of transparent glass in the markets in the last half of 2013.

The design of this smartphone is not very heavy and looks elegant and attractive with a transparent body and display. The battery as well as the camera was clearly visible as was the micro SD slot card.

Polytron further elaborated that they were capable of designing such smartphones as they possessed the patent electrical wiring. This is almost invisible and gives the impression of transparency.

New Transparent Smartphone of 2013

The general manager of the company, Sam Yu stated that the technology used in the display is extremely mature and will surely draw the attention of numerous phone vendors across the globe. However he did not elaborate on the cost of manufacturing this transparent smartphone.

Although a lot needs to be yet revealed, still one thing is sure that presently people love to indulge in fancy gadgets and this will be a dream come true for many. Especially the youth will be attracted to this device like bees to honey and would love to flaunt it in front of their peers to create an impression. Surely at least this segment will be eagerly waiting for the launch of this transparent smartphone. But we are still skeptical of how robust and accident proof this device is going to be. Only time will tell.

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