Nokia X2-00 – Lightweight and slim, design

Nokia X2-00

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Price : Rs. 5,489

Nokia already has a ton of budget phones in its repertoire and they have launched another one now. Nokia X2-00 is a phone made for the music oriented youth and it packs a lot of features like 2.2 inch QVGA display, five megapixel camera along with flash, discrete music buttons and dedicated keys for music. The budget phone market is quite crowded and it will take some thing unique for this phone to stand out amongst the crowd. Let’s see if this phone has it.


Nokia X2-00 has a simple candy bar form factor. The design is based on a 2 tone colour scheme. There is a single colour used on the entire handset except for the sides which have different shades. This phone is available in red/black, and blue/silver options. The handset looks quite good in both the colours.

On the front, there is the display which has some kinda of protective film over it. It is a part of the screen and isn’t a separate film. Also, this covering doesn’t do much to cover the screen; my review model had a lot of scratches.


It is been a while since I got a phone with old school keypad on it. Touch screen and QWERTY keyboard phones are taking the country by storm now and it is nice to see such classic designs tossed occasionally. The keypad here is better than a lot of phones out there; the keys are large enough and the tactility too is good which makes typing easy. There is white soft light for the keypad and the Indian version of this phone has Devanagiri characters.


Nokia X2-00 has a QVGA 2.2 inch display and it can display about 262k colours. This resolution is pretty good considering the display size and the colours look quite vibrant. But I was disappointed about the viewing angles, they are pretty bad. There is a lot of difference regarding what your left and right eye can see. However, looking at the price, it is hard to complain about it. Also, the display is legible in sunlight.


Nokia X2-00 is a cellphone running on Series 40 OS. There have been a lot of updates for Symbian but as compared to other mobile OSes out there, it is very much far behind. It doesn’t have capabilities basic multitasking and hence the functionality is severely limited. There are just two applications that can be run in the background – FM radio and music player.

There have been some improvements made on the home screen. This makes it easier for you to access all the stuff. There are four slots on the screen which can be customized with apps. You can have a single app display the information is 1 slot or a single slot can show all the app icons. Also, if you don’t like this, you can opt for a simple home screen or use standard wallpaper instead.


Nokia X2-00 comes with a lot of games and apps pre-installed on the phone. I liked Facebook app which fortunately, is a proper app and not another bookmark with There are eight games that you can play during your leisure time. The folder for games is displayed prominently in main menu. The folder for applications is located in Extras and this makes it a bit difficult to access it.


Nokia X2-00 comes preinstalled with the Opera Mini browser and it is the default browser on this phone. I like Opera Mini, it is a good browser but does run out of memory quickly. I was browsing a heavy Website and the browser shut down and also closed my music player which was running in the background.



Nokia X2-00 is armed with a five megapixels camera it comes with LED flash. There are two important things missing on this camera – image quality and autofocus. A five megapixel sensor might look good on paper but the image quality isn’t really good enough. During my tests, the details were poor and noise levels too here high in spite of noise reduction system and for making up the low details, this camera over sharpened the edges.

Images taken in low light conditions were worse because the noise levels went too high. Flash improves things a bit if the object isn’t too far away. The quality of video recording is average and they look good only on the phone.



Nokia X2-00 is good on this front and the audio quality through the bundled headphones was excellent. This phone can get really loud. Loudspeakers are also really loud but audio quality could have been better. On the bright side, the speakers don’t get blocked when you put this phone on a table or any other flat surface. The music player too isn’t as good as some of the other music phones out there. It lacks the basic things like multi disc support in the album view and gapless playback.


Nokia X2-00 comes with an 860 mAh lithium ion battery and the battery life of this phone is a bit disappointing. It just lasted for one day with heavy use. My test period saw a lot of phone calls, music playback, messages, and Internet use. I then used the phone moderately and the battery life lasted for a couple of days. But still there should have been more battery juice for such a mid-range phone.


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